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Source: Power of Attorney 1807

The following is a transcript of an original handwritten document found in the possession of a descendant of Samuel and Mary Peters in New Brunswick, Canada about 1980.

Richard Peters and Others to Thomas Peters
Power of Attorney 1807

To all to whom these Presents shall come, we Richard Peters of Halfmoon, in the County of Saratoga and State of New York, Benjamin Townsend of Hebron in the County of Washington and State aforesaid and Margaret his wife, and Uriah Wright of __?__ in the County of Broom and State aforesaid and Elizabeth his wife, send Greeting.

Whereas Samuel Peters, late of the City of St. Johns in the Province of New Brunswick, Esquire, died seized of Real Estates in the State of South Carolina in America, and in the Kingdom of Great Britain, and in divers other places, which by right of Blood, having descended to the said Richard Peters, Margaret Townsend, and Elizabeth Wright, together with Thomas Peters of Frederickstown in the Province of New Brunswick aforesaid, the said Richard, Thomas, Margaret and Elizabeth being children and heirs at Law of the said Samuel Peters deceased -

And whereas the said Samuel Peters had at the time of his death divers Goods, Chattels, rights and credits which have never been Administered and which of right belong to the aforesaid heirs -

Now know ye that we the said Richard Peters, Benjamin Townsend and Margaret his wife, Uriah Wright and Elizabeth his wife, have made, ordained, constituted and appointed and by this Presents do make, ordain, constitute, and appoint the said Thomas Peters one of the aforesaid Heirs of the said Samuel Peters, our and each of our Lawful Attorney for us and each of us, jointly and severally and in our names, but to our several and respective uses according to our respective rights as Heirs as the aforesaid to enter into, have and take full quiet and peaceful possession of ALL lands, tenements and hereditaments wheresoever situated whereof the said Samuel Peters died seized or had right to possess and enjoy in his lifetime (not otherwise disposed of by himself or his said Heirs) and to eject, amove, evict, turn out all, any and every person and persons who may have taken possession of the same or any part thereof; and action and actions, suit and suits at Law for the recovery thereof to commence and prosecute to judgments and execution; to implead and be impleaded; and to do all things necessary to be done in the premises -

And we do hereby authorize the said Thomas to sell, grand and convey the said Lands, tenements and hereditaments absolutely in __?__ for such prices or sums of money and to such person or persons as he shall think fit and convenient; or otherwise to Lease or dispose of as he shall deem proper; And for us and each of us, and in our and each of our names, to make, execute, seal and deliver such Deed or Deeds as shall be necessary according to the quantity of Estate conveyed.

And further we do authorize the said Thomas to ask, demand, sue for and receive all and every sum or sums of money so due as aforesaid, and to receive and take all goods and chattels and choses in action so belonging to the Estate of the said Samuel Peters deceased -

And generally we do authorize the said Thomas to do and perform all such acts and things as are necessary to be done and which we, and the said Thomas as Heirs of the said Samuel Peters could do in the premises were all personally present at the doing thereof; and Attorney or Attornies under him our said Attorney to substitute for the aforesaid purposes:-

And we do by these Presents ratify and confirm whatever the said Thomas shall lawfully do in the premises -

In Witness whereof we hereunto set our hands and seals this seventeenth day of January in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seven -
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
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