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        in Canada and the U.S. (1600's to the present)
Family of Samuel and Mary Peters, and their descendants
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There are several ways to search the information in this web site:
  1. A Surname Index is provided so that you can quickly scan a list of names and link directly to the primary information page for any individual who is part of the Samuel and Mary Peters family tree.
  2. A list of Allied Surnames is provided so that a quick scan of this list can tell you which surnames other than PETERS are a part of the Samuel and Mary Peters family tree.
  3. A web site search engine is provided so that you can find all web pages containing matches to a given set of words. The search criteria might be a surname (e.g., Tilley), a given name (e.g., Margaret), a given name and surname (e.g., Samuel Peters), a year (e.g., 1772), a place (e.g., Hampstead), a source name, etc.
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