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Family of Dr. Charles Peters (d. abt 1733 in N.Y.) and Mary Hewlett (d. abt 1744)
There are many descendants of Dr. Charles Peters and Mary Hewlett, and some have lived close to or in the same communities as the family of Samuel and Mary Peters. There have been several marriages in later generations which have involved descendants of both families.

There is no evidence at this time that Dr. Charles Peters and Samuel Peters are related. Researchers must be cautious because others have published material that incorrectly mixes up members of the two families. For example, Samuel and Mary Peters' son Thomas is often confused with Dr. Charles Peters' great-grandson Thomas Horsfield Peters.

The families of two descendants of Dr. Charles Peters - his son George Peters (1726 - 1782) and grandson James Peters (1746 - 1820) - must be carefully separated from descendants of Samuel and Mary Peters. Son George Peters and family lived in Dutchess County, New York where the family of Samuel and Mary Peters also lived. Grandson James Peters and family went to New Brunswick after the American Revolutionary War in 1783 and lived in many of the same places (e.g., St. John; Queens County) as descendants of Samuel and Mary Peters.

PETERS researchers interested in investigating the Dr. Charles Peters family should look at the book by Martha Bockee Flint entitled "A Peters lineage: five generations of descendants of Dr. Charles Peters of Hempstead" which was published in 1896 in Poukeepsie N.Y. A PDF file of this book can be found on the Long Island Genealogy web site.

This book has some significant gaps and some errors, so it isn't the "entire answer" for this family but is an important reference to consult. Note that the family of Maurice or Morris Peters (a grandson of Dr. Charles Peters), which went to Nova Scotia after the American Revolutionary War, is not documented in this book because the author was at the time unable to find information on this family.
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