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Who might be Amy [Sutton] and Jerusha [Sutton]'s Parents?
If it is true that Amy and Jerusha were sisters, and their last name was SUTTON (neither of which can be proven at this time), then there is a possibility that the parents of Amy and Jerusha were James SUTTON and Elizabeth [BROWN].

James SUTTON of Cortlandt's Manor, in Westchester County, New York made a will 8 May 1760 in which he names his wife Elizabeth, son Joseph, four daughters - Mary, Jerusha, Johana, and Amary (Amy?) - and brothers Joseph and Richardson Sutton. James' daughters were all "under 18", his son was not yet "of age", and his wife was with child at the time his will was made.

The age of James SUTTON's daughters, all of whom would have to have been born in the 1740's or 1750's, fits within the likely ages of the Amy and Jerusha who married PETERS brothers William and Richard.

A book written by Dr. Frank Edgar Weeks entitled Genealogy of Francis Weeks of Providence RI, Hempstead and Oyster Bay LI and Collateral Lines which was self-published in 1938, also includes some information that suggests James SUTTON and Elizabeth [BROWN] were the parents of the Amy and Jerusha who married PETERS. However, there is nothing in the book that says why the author thought this was true.
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