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Who might be Mary [Unknown]'s Parents?
There is a possibility that the maiden name for Mary, wife of Samuel Peters, was CARLE.

The evidence for this is very "soft", and is summarized below:

Two New York wills may, or may not, be relevant.

  • The first, made by Joseph CARLE Sr. of Hempstead, Queens County, N.Y. in 1741 identifies a son named Joseph, a wife named Sarah, grandchildren Amos and Elizabeth Serring (the children of Michael Serring) and says "To Phebe and Jemima, the children of Samuel Peters, a cow" and "I make Joseph Carle and Samuel Peters executors".

  • The second will, made by Joseph CARLL of North Castle in Westchester County in 1759 identifies a wife named Amy, children Thomas, Millicent, Amy, Mary, Phebe, Joseph, and Adonijah, and says, in part, "of the new house I lately bought of my beloved brother Samuel Peters, It being in Phillips, Upper Patent, in Dutchess County" and "all that tenement and land lying in Dutchess County and which Samuel Peter bought of Bartlett Brundage". The will's witnesses were "James Sutton, Caleb Powell, and Mary Peter".

From these two wills, assumptions might be made that a Samuel Peters married a daughter of Joseph Carle Sr. and sister of Joseph Carll named Mary and that Samuel and Mary had at least 2 children before 1741. However,

  • Joseph Carle Sr's will does not explicitly say that Phebe and Jemima Peters are grandchildren - that relationship may only be assumed because they are mentioned immediately following the identification of two other grandchildren.

  • The words "beloved brother" in Joseph Carll's will may mean that Samuel Peters was Joseph's brother-in-law but it might also refer simply to a close friendship or a church affiliation instead of a marriage to a sister.

  • The relationship between Joseph Carle Sr. and the Joseph Carll of Westchester County is by no means certain. We do not know if Joseph Carll is the son Joseph mentioned in Carle Sr.'s will.

  • No "Mary Peter(s)" is explicitly identified as CARLE kin in either will - the name Mary Peter only shows up as a witness in the second will.

Does anything here match what we know about "our" Samuel and Mary?

  • We have no evidence that "our" Samuel and Mary had children named Phebe and Jemima born before 1741, but "our" Samuel and Mary's son William had a daughter named Jemima.

  • The witnesses of the 1759 will may be significant. James Sutton may be the father of Amy and Jerusha Sutton who married children of "our" Samuel and Mary. Caleb Powell may be the father of Jacob Powell who's wife was supported after Jacob's death by "our" Samuel and Mary's son William. It seems likely our Samuel Peters knew all these people - could there be more than one Samuel Peters who did?

  • We know "our" Samuel Peters lived in Dutchess County for some time so the location of the Samuel Peters in Joseph Carll's will is a possible match.
Ongoing Research
  • Can a relationship, possibly father-son, between Joseph Carle Sr. and Joseph Carll of Westchester County be established? Can we find out anything more about these two CARLE families?

  • Can any evidence of the existance of a Mary CARLE of the right age be found in N.Y.?

  • Do any records exist regarding the sale of land in Dutchess County involving Bartlett Brundage, Samuel Peter(s) and Joseph Carle?
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